I dyed a simple luxury shoe repair Gucci loafer

Today, I really love Gucci loafers. I bought it at the Gucci store in Barcelona, Spain two years ago It is also a bright color, and it is worn to dry and wear. I’ve been under control for a while Every time I wear it in bright ivory color, it rains toxicly. The day you wear Gucci loafers is snow and rain The shoes that my friends were talking about were unlucky. I am worried about what to do with this worn-out friend recently. Let me show you the reviews left to Top Clean, a luxury shoe repair specialist! How much before / After difference will feel I was curious, so I took a picture of Bipo first. female Gucci loafer luxury shoe repair Do you look seriously twisted? Not all of this is bad. I’ll take it into detail. Gucci loafers have mule functions, so you can wear them crumpled. Because I’m so wrinkled and I’m wearing it. The heel part It’s discolored, and there’s skin peeling. a little tear on the front of the shoe The skin is very discolored. I’m going to get too much snow and rain I really don’t manage it at all, so the back of the gold medal I can see the rust clearly. I had the soles reinforced before. I originally bought it and I had to do it right away. There’s a lot of stones, and just? I’ve worn them I remember being late. Just look. (?) My Gucci loafer that looks so sick. Luxury shoe repairs, famous for its luxury shoe dyeing I have decided to get the help of Topcrine! I’m a busy worker on weekdays, so I’m going to visit the store The system of counseling is a little difficult, Topscreen, a luxury repair specialist, was able to solve that part. 1. Searching for KakaoTalk topscreen; 2. Online counseling by Katok (Kakao Plus Friend Top Clean); 3. Transmitting the state of luxury shoes, bags, etc. to images; It would be better if you could take a detailed picture. 4. Receiving courier service at the Top Clean address; You get the stuff from the topcrine, you call me, He gives me a kind and detailed consultation on how to proceed. If you are comfortable offline, you can visit the store and accept it. A few days after the consultation I got a text message saying my Gucci loafer was complete The next day, I arrived safely at the door by courier! The air cap is meticulous. Do you like me to cut? Enclose it well up for those who do. Wow, that’s so sweet! Almost a level of oxygen respirator. You put 레플리카 some paper in the inside to make it look like it I took a picture of it all. It was a roper that could not be revived, but now it seems new at first glance. The most amazing thing is…! What did you do with your front nose?! One side was torn and black and dirty I wanted to know what to do with this Not only the front of the shoe, but also the rust on the back of the gold It’s gone! I’m so surprised. I’m just gonna keep taking pictures. The nature of the Gucci loafer makes it so soft and soft It’s a wrinkled material, The wrinkles are significantly less than before. Wow. Real jackpot. I took a picture while admiring it. And another admiration of… My Gucciroper, who was randomly dressed like a mule.

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