They gathered for a meeting and Sung-chul starts briefing on multiple subjects.

Model Taxi Personality Diagram

Cho Do-chul, a child rapist who was released from prison.
On the day he gets out of prison, the reporters and the police…
The front of the prison was noisy in harmony.

Cho Do-chul in a model taxi between them.

Do-chul liked the driver’s choice of a police car that followed him, but later when the car moved in the opposite direction to where he wanted it to go, he tried to strangle the driver.

Soon, he will be overpowered by Kim Do-gi, a knight.

When Kim Do-gi, a member of Rainbow Transportation, entered the tunnel, his colleagues who were waiting stepped up, and the model taxi was transformed into a regular car and ran away smoothly.

Rainbow Transportation Representative and Helping Crime Victims
Jang Sung-chul, CEO of the Bluebird Foundation.

Sungchul is a bluebird specialist.
Kang Hana will be introduced to the prosecutor.

Meanwhile, a river maria standing on a bridge trying to kill herself with a bandage on her hand. Crying to death, she climbs onto the bridge and happens to see a model taxi contact under her feet…

Don’t die. Revenge.
We’ll fix it for you.​
Maria, attracted by the phrase, contacted me by a model taxi.
Soon Doggie showed up to pick her up.

“Where are you going now?”

“To revenge. Can you tell me? What has happened in the whole time?”

“I’m a self-reliant Maria in a nursery school.”​

Maria, who has become self-reliant due to her age, will get a job at a social enterprise with the help of a social worker. It wasn’t a bad condition to provide accommodation. I went there because I was working on a computer, but the company that ordered Maria to prepare fish from the first day.

Maria said, “I can’t do it because I’m scared,” but the boss said, “Let’s get close to the fish,” so she dipped her head in the basin and used violence.

And she won’t let her work out until she’s locked up in a low-temperature warehouse, so Maria is forced to start her work.

After hearing her story, Pottery took Maria to the front of the game console and allowed her to access the taxi driver game.

And when I logged on, the announcement continued. The taxi meter will remain on until the end of the request, and tell them to choose whether they want to take revenge with the guidance that it’s a secret about rainbow taxis.

Maria pressed the confirmation button and multiple requests were received.

When the request was received, five people, usually ordinary employees of Rainbow Transportation, gathered for a meeting, and Sung-chul starts briefing on 토렌트 사이트 multiple targets.

The president was packaged as a healthy social entrepreneur, so her wrongdoings were unknown and she was in close contact with the police, so it was useless for Maria to try to run away.

All the members who heard her story agreed to revenge.
He begins to move for revenge.

In doing so, Doggie finds out that Maria had sexual abuse. She had a bandage wrapped around her hand on the day we first met because of her suicide attempt.

First, Choi Juim and Park Juim opened a chicken restaurant.
I gave Jong-geun a 1+1 flyer.

The chicken powder they ordered for dinner that night.
Deliver with sleeping pills.

And when the two of them fell asleep, the pottery that broke into the house…
They plugged chips into their phones and extracted the information and sent it to Goeun.

Meanwhile, one of the people who was chasing the missing pilot in a taxi,
He finds out that the taxi he took was a fake model taxi.

And I’m looking for a video of a taxi that came up because I was wondering if I could get a clue.

One goes through a tunnel, and a taxi goes through it.
I notice the change.

“What? This isn’t it. Look at these.”

Four years ago–
Looking at a criminal recreating the crime scene,
Angrily, the pottery fell upon him…

Detectives protected the murderer and subdued the pottery.

Sung-chul, who happened to see him,
He reminds me of himself in the same situation in the past.

“Captain Kim Do-ki, long time no see.”​

Then the killer killed himself.
Seongcheol found the pottery and put out his rainbow fortune card.
He asked if the pain had disappeared because the criminal died.
And I propose revenge.

“Don’t you still want revenge?”​

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