1. Start by looking at loans from the financial sector.

Hello~ This is Hyun Blog, which tells you about loan and financial news. In the past, I had to prepare various documents in the process of getting a loan, and I had to visit the bank in person and write a contract after consulting on the loan. Recently, smartphones have become widely available and application technology has developed, allowing loans through simple self-certification procedures. In this regard, we will organize mobile loans that can be easily loaned.
1Finance Mobile Instant Loan 1Finance Mobile Instant Loan

Mobile Loan Cleanup – 1Finance Mobile Instant Loan
Kakao Bank Emergency Fund Loan
This is the first loan that I want to introduce to you among mobile instant loan products. Kakao Bank is an Internet bank in the first financial sector, and it is at the forefront of mobile micro-loans. The process or mobile application UI is clean because of the technology that produced Kakao Talk. If the conditions are met, unemployed people can also borrow money, and it has the advantage of being able to borrow 500,000 won in small loans.
Kakao Bank’s emergency loan is limited to up to 3 million won, and the interest rate is 3.37%, which is very low even at the level of the 1 financial bank loan rate.

K-Bank is an Internet bank like Kakao Bank. Cabin is a competitor and there are many events. Due to the development of technology, we are using bio-certification technology using fingerprints or iris without a public certificate. For those who use Naver Pay, there is also a benefit to earn 1.2% of Naver points, so it can be useful.
No additional fees are incurred, but interest rates are about 4.17% higher than those of Cabin.
1Finance Mobile Instant Loan 1Finance Mobile Instant Loan

Shinhan Bank Mobile Loans for Office Workers
A mobile loan for office workers is a loan product run by Shinhan Bank. It is higher than the Internet bank loan limit mentioned above and the loan period is up to 10 years. The interest rate is a little high at 4.69%, but the loan limit can be up to 50 million won, so it is a good loan for office workers who need big money.
Hana Bank Hana Membersron
It is a mobile immediate loan product for office workers who have been in office for more than 6 months. It has a wide loan limit ranging from at least 500,000 won to up to 150 million won. If the main bank is Hana Bank, it has the advantage of being able to borrow according to the amount required.
Kookmin Bank KB Star Banking
KB Kookmin Bank, the largest domestic bank, is difficult to obtain loan approval. But there is a way not only office workers but also unemployed people can approve the loan. KB Star Banking, Kookmin Bank’s mobile instant loan application.
2Finance Mobile Immediate Loan 2Finance Mobile Immediate Loan

Mobile Loan Clearance – 2 Financial Mobile Instant Loan
OK Savings Bank OK Mobileron
If the loans in the first financial sector were rejected, you should look for loans in the second financial sector. Recently, OK Savings Bank has been offering several loan products. Among them, there is OK Mobileron as a mobile loan products. The loan limit is up to 3 million won and can be used through personal authentication. If you talk on the phone with a counselor, you can raise the limit. The loan rate is around 14.9% to 20% based on creditworthiness.
SBI Savings Bank Co., Ltd.Loans
I think it’s the best to use among mobile loans in the financial sector. You can open an account 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and apply for a loan. You can apply for loans from 20 years of age or older, and if you are an office worker, the interest rate is 6.9-16.6% and you can use it at a lower interest rate than a loan product in the second financial sector.
Welcome Savings Bank Ten Loan
It’s a mobile loan product that you can receive 24 hours a day for 365 days. If you have proof of income, you can get a 10% interest rate, and the maximum limit is 100 million won. You can use the phone in 10 minutes to find out if you have a loan or not. However, if your income is low or your credit rating is not good, it can be up to 22.4%.
Lender Mobile Immediate Loan Lender Mobile Immediate Loan

Mobile Loan Cleanup – Lender Mobile Instant Loan
Rush & Cash 300 Loans
If loans are blocked in the second financial sector, you should look for mobile loan products from lenders. I recommend that most lenders do not use it. If there is no way to use it in an urgent situation, it is better to get a loan from a large company.
The loan company with 폰테크 the highest funding ranking is Rush & Cash. If you are over 20 years old, you can borrow money, and the interest rate is the highest legal rate of 23.9%. It seems that college students are often denied loans because they are so popular these days.
Welcome loan
You can apply if you own a smartphone under your name. If you wear your own certification, you will get a loan of up to 3 million won or 5 million won.
Precautions for Mobile Immediate Loan Precautions for Mobile Immediate Loan

Mobile loans can be easily and easily received anytime, anywhere, which is both an advantage and a disadvantage. It’s easy to get it easily, so it’s easy to use without any plans. If you are looking for a loan, you should use it as planned as possible. If you don’t have credit card performance yet or if you’re in your 20s, you should plan and receive it more carefully. Even if it takes more time than looking for easy loans, you should find a way to raise funds for yourself.

Today, we’re going to have a time to organize our mobile loans. If possible, it is not good to look for loans from 1 financial sector first and use loans frequently.

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