Would you like to try pumping it?

It’s a Dalton product.
I’d like to get a massage, but there are a lot of people who can’t do it often because it doesn’t fit their skin and the rich cream texture doesn’t fit their skin.

In fact, if you use a rich cream that prevents heat dissipation on the skin for 15 minutes as a massage, it will give you heat and lead to oil secretion.
Therefore, oily skin is good for cool skin care.
And also, it’s not oily skin, but it has a lot of heat.
You always have red skin and you seem to be burning up, right?
It’s hard for them to use a rich creamy massage, especially in the summer.
It’s good to massage with a rich 천안건마 cream on a skin like me that lacks oil and moisture.
But if it’s not summer, or when the weather is warm, or when your hair is complicated and you’re not in good condition, it’s a refreshing product with a good scent. It’s.
This product is just like that.
I’ve never seen a massage product like this before.
So eventually, before applying an intensive ampoule or concentrate, try using it as a preparation step to help absorb the skin as much as possible.
So it’s more than a normal oil or massage cream, so it’ll be good for home use.

The reason why I recommend this product is that it is not as rich or sticky as conventional massage oil or cream.
As my brother told me, gel.
It has a unique cooling effect for massage products. And there is a very good scent. It’s a scent that reminds you of the cool and blue sea. It’s a luxurious scent that you can experience in a luxurious spa.
Dalton has a better scent of body care products than cosmetics.
They’re good scents for people like me who are very sensitive to scents.

So, first of all, it’s really good for a change.

And the good thing is that you can wipe off the extra layer of the massage cream or oil later.
It’s very troublesome, but you don’t have to do that with this product.
Usually, regular massage creams and oils are used to reduce the friction between hands and face skin when massaging, so they don’t contain much active ingredients.

But this product contains marine minerals and spirulina hyaluronic acid.
It contains ingredients that absorb the skin at the same time as massaging.
So don’t wipe it off. Just let it absorb.
Ordinary gels are absorbed quickly and cannot be massaged, but this product stays on the skin for as long as 25 minutes.

And it’s a product that’s very faithful to the original purpose of the massage.
The reason why I wrote massage gel, which has the advantage of helping absorb the ampoule in the title,
If you look at the ingredients, you can see that it contains a lot of Mariswater.
This is the marine mineral ingredient.
If this is absorbed into the skin before applying the ampoule, it helps to absorb more concentrations of concentrations of active ingredients such as ampoule and pipette serum to the skin faster.
The reason why I use massage before I apply ampoule is because it boosts blood flow and absorbs cosmetics ingredients well.
This product contains minerals and additional moisturizing ingredients to help the next stage of concentrate absorption into the cell with the skin moisturized and mineral charged.
So it’s intentionally contained.

It is especially good for body massage. If you have severe edema and are massaging, leave this massage gel cool and massage it. Don’t wipe it off and let it absorb.

Massage gel with oily, oily skin is also good for year-round use.
Or massage gel for people with a lot of heat is good heat.
The reason is that it has a cooling effect, and it’s gel.
If you want to massage your face, there will be a slight difference between people as well as recommended amount.
Would you like to try pumping it?
It was perfect for me.
The capacity is 500 millimeters.
I always use it before applying ampoule when I have time.
I like the smart activation inside, but I just feel good when I use it.

It may not be suitable for those who want unscented products, but. But for me, 15 minutes is the most appropriate time for a massage.
It’s nice to have a nice scent. It’s refreshing.
Of course, it’s a scent that’s not repulsive.
I’m sensitive to scents, so I always try to explain the scents in detail.
But if it’s a brand that I’m introducing, it’s actually very cheap and artificial. So there’s no brand that uses a scent that’s repulsive.
And as you can see from the ingredients, this product is definitely a high-end product among massage products.
I don’t think it’s suitable for those who are looking for cheap or high-volume products.

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