My moms are familiar with those gyms.

My moms are familiar with those gyms.

Guidance on Jujitsu training fees and children’s class schedules
Traditional martial arts programs are as interesting and fun as playing.

But our seal is a gym specializing in jiujitsu and mixed martial arts.

I don’t do training such as infant physical education, school physical education, and recreation.
Rather, we are conducting traditional martial arts training every day.

That’s why people who want to learn martial arts, not play sports, are coming to see us!

Self-confidence training should be a good thing from an early age.

Training hours are divided into 4 parts.

The class lasts for 50 minutes, and the last adult part also carries out additional training.

Part 1: 4:40 to the lower grades
Part 2: 5:50 to all grades in elementary school
Part 3: 7: 00 ~ Senior, Middle, Middle,
Part 4: 8: 00:00 ~ Adult Middle School or above

Jiu-Jitsu Tuition Price

Three times a week.
Monthly – 130,000 won

Students who want to come out more because they are good at sports can participate 5 times a week.

A shortcut to being brave and brave – learning martial arts!

Mom and dad need to catch the children’s personality quickly and find a way.

Each child has a different tendency.

A kid who likes to exercise. A kid who hates sports!

Usually, children who like to exercise are active and energetic, so they have good athleticism, and they like to go out and play. (There are very few cases of getting beaten up at school.)

However, a child who hates exercise is timid and tender and 주짓수 wants to spend time alone while watching TV or YouTube at home. (There are many phrases to be bullied at school.)

Guidance on Jujitsu training fees and children’s class schedules
The best way to train yourself is to gain a lot of hands-on experience.

the effect of motion

I’m sure mom and dad know that the effects of exercise are very positive for children and adults.

For children, exercising is a very important.
Children who like to exercise provide opportunities to give off energy.
Exercise is what gives children who don’t like sports confidence.

Guidance on Jujitsu training fees and children’s class schedules

Elementary school students should learn how to control themselves and use their bodies properly based on manners rather than freedom of play sports!

When we enter the school for the first time, we will learn the culture of the school!

This makes children have good habits and makes them have good manners not only at school but also at home.

This culture is not learned by writing or words, but by learning with your body, it becomes a habit and memorable.

the basic etiquette of the art seal

Our child changes as we train!

Children’s health is getting better day by day by using their whole bodies evenly through various training sessions.

Also, if you train for about 3 months, your eyes change and your answer sound changes very bravely.

Guidance on Jujitsu training fees and children’s class schedules
Traditional Fun-Learning Martial Arts – Mixed Martial Arts

Our Yusul gym specializes in martial arts for children.

Mom and dad can see children growing up every day through Instagram and blog YouTube, which are updated every week. And if you want, you can visit anytime.

I want you to examine how good mixed martial arts skills are for our child.

Learning to be strong in pleasure, learning to be disciplined.

Our seal is located on the 6th floor of the Dong office intersection building!

Elementary school students can have free experience classes once or twice, so feel free to call or text me at the contact number below!

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