I’m happy to go back with my friends next time

Since there are various kinds, the mini-sashimi, which was a fun to choose

Above all, there are more than 5 kinds, not 1-2 kinds, so it is good to choose other people who like it!

I liked the soft texture because the temple was raw

I’m fresh all over, so I ate it neatly, without any fun or fishy smell

If you have a sashimi and a high ball, the game is over!

The menus ordered 셔츠룸 take 20-30 minutes

I ordered a Menbosha on the side that would come out quickly

At a glance, it was fried and crisp

It was cut in half the size you generally know and comes in a triangular shape

Menbosha, who came with sweet and spicy sauce

I was surprised when the menu came out because it was a bowl I wanted to buy (tmi of today)

The sauce came out together in a dish so the table looked neat and not bustling

Cock! I took a bite of the sauce and it was really hot

It was crisp on the outside and filled with soft shrimp, so I could enjoy it moistly!

This side will be ordered again if you visit the Jukjeon intersection bar

Why I’m here

for the food of the futomacid

It’s my favorite menu and I like the review, so I look forward to it

We ordered the menus in size M because we made them rich

It’s huge

and the raw wasabi comes out together, so I’m gonna put it on a little

Not so much, but please raise it moderately, Hihi

What materials did you have so much futomaki?

Looking at the ingredients, there were plenty of tuna, shrimp fries, salmon, eggs and cocoon!

I like the visual so much that I can upload it as soon as I take it.

I was worried about getting a bite, but it was huge, but it was

Instead, if you wear a futomaki, you will not be able to speak for 30 seconds

I’m looking at the picture. I didn’t see the L-size, but

I was satisfied that I was full and full with the size of M!

He said he didn’t want to eat the menu

Another main snack ordered while worrying is Dongin-dong steamed

I’ve roasted the tendons in a spicy sauce, but the sheep are quite good

If there were no other snacks, at the end,

I thought I’d like a snack:-)

The soup is , , the basic snack which comes out when it wants (?)

I was a spicy prick, so the steamed Dongin-dong was a little spicy, but I ate odentang.

It’s good to have a hot and hot speed

Personally, Suzi steamed is a menu that will be snipered by those who like spicy things

I’ve had a good beer, but I think it’ll be better with highballs and soju

As well as tendons, mushrooms and onions are roasted in the middle

I’ve had a bite, but it’s chewy and chewy, but it’s addictive

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