I don’t think it’s a bad idea to do it like me

If you see the ceiling while you’re at work, it’ll break.

You can feel all the muscle mass.

That’s why 수원스웨디시 my neck feels stiff.

I expected it, but it wasn’t.

Between the neck and shoulders, above the wrist,

I got a lot of seungmo muscles, and I kept doing this.

I thought it was my neck, so I did stretching.

We use it when we sit at a desk and move our arms.

I had to leave it because this is where it was originally located.

It’s located behind the neck, so you can squeeze it yourself.

It’s harder than I thought to turn it around with a roller.

So I’m going to massage my mitral muscles through a machine.

I knew I’d do it.

There’s something I’ve always wanted to use.

It’s a compact product like a neck pillow.

But people say the century is too weak.

They told me not to expect too much.

It’s not swollen, but it’s in excellent condition.

It’s strong enough to taste the taste of hands.

I decided to buy it right away!

I guess I’m paying a lot of attention to these boxes these days.

Usually, it is wrapped in foam wrap in a brown box.

There is, but it’s neat and tidy here.

I think these little things are more important.

I feel better after that time.

The most important thing about mitral massage is that

without a moment’s notice and without a moment’s notice.

It’ll take a long time.

It is easier to speak than to actually do it by hand.

It’s overwhelming, and humans can’t do it perfectly.

But it’s much easier to wear.

Just put it on your neck and put the handle on the front.

If you hold it, it won’t fall or loosen.

Semi-fixed type is easy to use.

Other people fall from their throats easily.

It’s hard because it’s not fixed.

However, it is a material that does not slip easily.

It’s silicon and the length is reasonable.

I had no difficulty writing.

The most important thing to focus on is the mitral massage.

Can you do it right?

I don’t know if you noticed from the picture above,

If you look closely, it’s slightly bent.

It fits perfectly when you hang it around your neck.

And there is a hard ball inside.

I felt like I was getting acupressure as soon as I entered. It was cool.

It’s so good that it hurts when it’s too tight.

It’s ergonomically made.Like this.

It can keep your muscles stable.

Press and hold the front power.

These balls spin and start squeezing with strong force.

It’s not just a way of pressing and pulling.

He keeps sweeping his muscles at the same speed.

I thought your long tiredness disappeared.

Bingsu is much more powerful than I thought.

Put your hand in and press it.

I could see myself under pressure.

I will use the upper and central mitral muscles with the mitral massage.

I liked the advantage of being able to do it all at once.

I’ll put it between my neck and shoulder.

The machine vibrates when the power is turned on.

Press down on my mitral muscles.

If you’d been stretching your arms forward,

The back will be pretty tight, too.

So I sometimes put my hand behind me.

You’ll have to do a straightening motion.

I’ll massage the back and back of the mitral muscles.

I used to wear them and release them.

I’m not gonna let you do this.

We will use the functions that you can do.

You can use it for your arms, legs, and so on.

And if you look at the front,

There are other buttons besides power.

I’m turning on the heating.

You can do a seungmo massage and a seungmo massage at the same time.

It’s better to turn it on together.

Because the right warm temperature for our bodies

Let me relax physically.

It’s because it’s maximized

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