Why should I be nagged about spending my money

There are countless failures in order to succeed.

There is a saying that it can be stacked.

You have to 폰테크 have the courage to fail.

It means you can do it. Because of Corona, last year and this year,

The two years we’ve spent facing challenges…

I think it’s the foundation for success.

If you sit down here, you’ll see what you’ve done.

I thought I’d be left with a sense of regret and despondency.

I’m applying for government funding.

We’re looking for a job, and we’re looking for a way to do it.

I’m holding on looking for him.

There are many people who have been hurt financially.

They’re limited to sales without any specific compensation.

all sorts of things that haven’t been operating normally for a long time.

I think they are self-employed.

Self-employed people, small business owners who had a lot of regulations,

He’s in debt because he can’t pay rent right now.

I was driven to the reality that I had no choice but to close my business.

Of course, in addition to those who own their own businesses,

He doesn’t get a normal wage, he’s asked to resign,

I don’t know when I’m gonna get fired.

You may be going through it.

And as the government’s lending regulations get worse,

When it’s really necessary and urgent, it’s time to find the right way.

It must have been hard because you couldn’t find it.

In that case, it’s irrelevant to credit, and without filing complicated documents,

I’m just going to give you a quick idea of a lease loan that you can proceed.

I’d like to talk to you.

The leasehold loan is a car in your name as collateral.

It’s to get a loan. in the financial sector

He’s asking for complicated documents when he gets a loan.

That’s why people with low credit ratings or unclear jobs…

It is difficult to use.

Lease loans have no such part.

If you own your own car, after a quick consultation,

We can get funding in a matter of minutes.

You can proceed according to the instructed procedure.

I’d like to ask you to put your car in the parking lot.

I’ll tell you the exact location of the car after I order it.

That’s not true. When I gave you the location before,

Go to the parking lot and sneak a ride with the auxiliary key.

There was a case. There are many issues and trust relationships.

We’re not informing you, but in Seoul,

It’s safe in the parking tower or underground parking lot.

That I can tell you. I’d like you to point it out and remember it.

If you have repaid all your loans, you will receive a specialized delivery of your car.

The consignee will be able to safely drive you to your location.

We’re shipping it.Personal documents, assistant keys,

We’ll send it by registered mail.

We help you build trust.

If the existing financial sector is unable to use it, it will be used as a breakthrough.

We need to find a way. I’ve been trying to figure out how to do something illegal way.

There’s a way to finance it without using it.

Lease loans are open to many people regardless of credit or occupation.

You have to be careful and humbled to find a way and choose one right now.

I hope you overcome the difficulties

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