You’re going to take a foot bath before you take care of it

Where and how to be managed.

One of the most important administrations is that

It’s a massage.

You can’t just think about the cost-effectiveness.

How professional and well-managed you are.

I think this is 영등포건마 really important!

I got to know this place through an acquaintance.

He’s been on the run for the third time.

I’m posting it because I’m so satisfied with it that I want to recommend it.

I think that’s pretty much the level of regular.

When I searched Songdo Massage,

I’ve skipped and filtered out all the fat reviews.

He’s famous for his good skills.

Since it’s a franchise, the quality itself is…

I think it’s very different from other places.

There’s no extra charge.

It’s not too much!

On the other hand, the professional managers

You’re taking care of it.

I wonder if there’s another better place than this.

You must make a reservation in advance.

This time, time really flew by.

I called you in case it was possible.

Fortunately, you said you could make a reservation.

I came out of the hospital in a hurry.

The effect isn’t on Houdadak.

I really don’t think I can do it anymore.

Both fatigue and stress.

I think I can blow it up.

I already got my membership last time.

I’m so fickle, so…

I was thinking about quitting my membership.

My bank account just happened to be free.

I quit in cash.

Totally flex~!

This kind of investment for me…

It’s not an investment.

When I saw you this time,

They were holding an event.

80 minutes to manage the Aroma telegraph for 70,000 won.

They gave me a discount!

Yikes! You have to ask for sure!

And then immediately to the Aroma telegraphic management.

80 minutes. Go, go, go!

It’s a place where you can come anytime.

In the Songdo Massage Management Shop,

I wonder if there’s another cozy place like this.

I came with my friend last time.

I was taken care of.

My friend said it was so comfortable like my house.

He complimented me a lot. Haha

I promised you I’d come with you this time.

My friend didn’t have time.

I postponed it to the next time.

Oh, well, there’s a stylist here, too!

I was really surprised.

If you want to use it separately, ask the boss.~

I haven’t used it yet, but…

It’s like you’re in a dry spell.

I heard it’s transformed.

It’s amazing.

One day, I got a mask.

He was dreaming.

I’ve been to a few places.

I don’t know if it doesn’t fit me or if it doesn’t fit me.

I have trouble, it’s not that cool,

I’ve done that before.

I’m sure you’ll find me

It’s a perfect shop.

Maybe that’s why. Everything.

You know what I like?!

Go to the dressing room prior to the management.

I need to change into my maintenance suit.

Fold the clothes I’m wearing.

Put it in the locker room and keep it.

The fitting room looks like this.

With the intention of posting.

I took a lot of pictures.

I don’t see any better pictures than I thought.

But I’m going to upload several pictures because you might be curious.

Before and after care, I’m gonna need you to organize your clothes and hair.

They’re all equipped.

You’re just thinking about being properly cared for.

He says you can go

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