A caretaker who cleans your feet kindly and meticulously

Recently, I’ve been working from home and sitting at home. My neck, shoulders, and back are all right.

Sometimes I have to go out and get some fresh air, but I think it’s getting worse. So I decided to go get an aroma massage in Gangnam with my boyfriend.

It is a representative daily casual spa brand in Korea that has been operated steadily 천안건마 starting with Yeongtong branch in Suwon.

We were able to arrive safely thanks to the rain that evening, even though it rained while listening to get there safely!

It was fortunate that it didn’t rain that much. I wanted to go get a massage before, but I couldn’t because the timing didn’t match. I kept putting it off, but I thought I wouldn’t get a picture of a field, so I just decided to visit with him.

We decided to get a deep tissue cucumber massage. I heard that you use aroma oil to massage your whole body.

I’ve never had an aroma oil massage before, and I’ve been looking forward to it.

As expected, I went in and checked the qr code and heat right away. I think you’re doing quarantine very thoroughly.

I read it because there is a philosophy of natural Thai Sparman.

It’s a healthy Typhoon well-being space for family, lovers, colleagues and friends.

It’s very comfortable inside because there’s an air purifier.

When I went in and looked around the interior space, it was really neat and had a Thai vibe!

For your information, the head office of Natural Thai Spa Yeoksam is selling gift certificates and holding various events on its website.

We are having a couple discount event and a group discount event, so it would be good if you all refer to it.

Before getting a massage, I looked around the interior space and there were several rooms and it was very big.

And the store also has a certificate of disinfection for the infected coronavirus.

Also, hand sanitizers were prepared here and there, so it was good because you can use them right away. If you look at the Natural Taispa Instagram, there’s a quarantine video, but I was more convinced because I checked it with my own eyes.Haha

There are also private individual rooms for those who came alone.

This is a group room, but we got a couple massage here.

Looking inside the store, there were many celebrities like Gangnam and Yeoksam, the mecca of Seoul.I think he left. Signatures of celebrities on the wall!

Just by looking at this, I could tell at a glance how well-known it was.

There was also a sofa space where you can rest if you wait quietly, and the inside of the store continued to smell a subtle aroma, which made me feel refreshed.

My boyfriend and I decided to get an aroma massage, so we had to take off our top and bottoms, so we wore disposable gowns and underwear.

When I went into the fitting room, there were precautions and parking lot information.

The cotton swab, body lotion, comb, and dryer are basically available, so it’s really nice.

And on one side, there’s a place where you can take a shower, so even if you sweat a little after getting a massage, it was great that you can wash up clean and go out smoothly.

I changed into a gown and chose aroma scent first. I chose lavender and my boyfriend chose grapefruit. Haha

It was not difficult to choose because each scent shows the effectiveness in detail.

Before we get the aroma massage in earnest, the massage parlors came to give us a foot bath first

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